The Beauty of Our Pets

There are never enough words to describe the beauty of our pets. They give us so much joy and unconditional love. They give us a front row seat to their world. Animals are more harmonized to the ways of the natural world. Something we really never have enough time to experience. Animals are soulful teachers, and if we just take the time to be their students. Maybe this world will have a better chance to gain some peace.

I have featured our four cats before on my blog and have been meaning to sketch them. This week, I had the opportunity to take the time to complete this desire.



Red Valentine Table

I enjoy decorating for every season, and even my art table gets the season touch. A new art store opened up recently, so I needed to check it out. Ah, the red was displayed with all its Valentine vividness. Can you say crafter’s nirvana?! New canvases, check. New metallic paint, check. New fan brush, check. New pallet knives, check.

I happily drove away with this afternoon’s project. A painting of multicolored metallic hearts on canvas. With cello music playing in the background along with hammering of my husband’s cellar project. I thoroughly enjoy the creative process either on canvas or the written page.

Here are the results of my red Valentine art table. Enjoy,and have a great weekend.

Just a few more touches(c) Mary Anne Abdo

Mom’s Approval from Heaven (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Love Hearts(c) Mary Anne Abdo
Red Valentine Table (c) Mary Anne Abdo

A Sense of Belonging

Saturday night, my husband and I went to meet friends on a warm winter’s evening. Go figure, standing outside, not freezing in a line to see our favorite band. It was nice to see old friends and dancing to the wee hours of 11pm. Our favorite band ,Picture Perfect plays all season long. From summer picnics, weddings, and local bars.

The band gives everyone a sense of belonging and reminiscing of those bygones days. Picture Perfect also gives back to our local community with their fundraising efforts for various causes. So come on and dance with me. Enjoy the photos.

The Sights Of Scranton (c) Mary Anne Abdo
A Warm Winter’s Evening (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Window Gazing (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Harry’s Crowd (c) Mary Anne Abdo
A Perfect Picture (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Only the Beginning (c) Mary Anne Abdo

Friday Photos

Angel’s Quills (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Wings and Crosses(c) Mary Anne Abdo
Story Sky Images (c) Mary Anne Abdo

The skies are still in story mode these past few weeks. This was taken yesterday, which was Ground Hogs Day and Candlemass. (Last day of the 40-day celebration of Christmas) Taking these photos from different vantage points.

Wooder_Ice has Struck Again

It is another scene in the Philadelphia movie genre.

A pre-screening that Jeff, Bradley and the rest of the fans anticipate.

Texting between the sisters three.

One sister flew into the Eagle’s stand.

Landing in that southerly Pattison street destination.

Sending songs and shouts in the stadium, thanks to her trusty Apple in hand.

While the other two cheered on from the technology sidelines.

Touch down after touch down.

Roar after mighty roar.

Rocking the streets and filtering out past Lincoln’s park.

As only the Eagles know how to soar over that goalpost.

           Fly Eagles


           High above the sight of William Penn.

The green and white will overcome greasy poles once again.

Dancing and fireworks will commence on the South of Broad.

Mr. Wooder_Ice you have done it again.

You alone have captured the hearts of Brotherly Love.

On you Instagram page.

In every spectrum of those rich cultural colors and celebrations.

So onward Eagles as you fill those cardinal red skies of Arizona.

Lead us on to victory!!!

© Mary Anne Abdo

I wrote this last night after the football game, where the Philadelphia Eagles won over the San Francisco 49ers. My sister Margaret was at the game, while my sister Maureen and I were texting during the game. The cameraman caught a shot of Bradley Cooper sitting with the Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie. Wooder_Ice (Philadelphia slang for water with ice) is a Philly promoter’s Instagram handle.

A Fortnight Of Aging

The Edge of Humanity Magazine Jan 29,2023

Written by Mary Anne Abdo

Fourteen days and new winkles have appeared.

New awareness of loved ones.

Trying to fit into their aging skins.

Misleading medical advice.

Because the aging population is not vitally important.

On the ground for twelve hours.

Almost lost you to heaven on that gurney.

Lovingly cleaning up old blood.

From the bathroom.

To the hallway.

Through the living room.

And along the side of the bed.

All because aging is not revered nor respected.

A toss off.

Hospital emergency rooms revisited.

Same room shared by two sisters.

The hallways crowded

Code orange and code red.

Blaring over the loudspeaker.

In hyper mode until 3am.

We are not in our same skins as winter draws nearer.

Making decision and crying so many heaps of tears.

Memories of loved ones and how they used to be.

We have time for nothing and yet nothing is being achieved.

Sitting in the dark noise of silence.

I am contemplating aging…

Thank you to the Edge of Humanity MagazIne for publishing my latest work. It was written right after a long night spent with my sister during an emergency surgery for my aunt. She is 88 years old and her doctor gave her a blase answer to a medical condition that could have been taken care of with simple antibiotics. But instead it lead to a life threatening situation, that she almost died from. She is now in a nursing home with two more surgeries coming up in February to correct the mistake her doctor had chosen to ignore.

Something is all a glow

There has certainly been a mystery in the skies this week. From the moon glowing iridescent colors. The sunset of red-orange Tuesday evening before a snowstorm. Large bow shaped clouds with arrows gliding through it. But one item seems to stand out this week, a green iridescent orb. Either above the sky or below it according to my camera ‘s eye and my eye. Something to ponder; What is creation trying to convey to us with these mysterious glowing skies?

Friday Photos

The word “prompt” for Wednesday was home. There are so many ways to describe the meaning of the word home. For me, home is my treasured sanctuary away from this sometimes crazy world. Another home for me is spending time with nature in all its splendor. In the winter of 2018, after several snowstorms and extreme cold temperatures. Nature’s aftermath was ice jams along the Susquehanna River in Luzerne County Pennsylvania. The day of these photos it was 60 degrees, and I couldn’t pass up riding my bike to explore this rare occasion.

Enjoy the photos.

Bending and Yielding

(A tribute to Rock and Roll Movement)

I seem to be memorializing rock and roll heroes these days.

Age and time waits for no one.

But blast the music, it shall be done.

Like that teenage girl of those decades long past.

Reminiscing about Bishop Klonowski dances.

And wild nights of skating in circles.

While the DJ played my heroes songs.

High a top that hill of teenage awkwardness.

Bending and swaying on my roller skates.

Skating to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.


Fleetwood Mac.

Led Zeppelin and Queen.

Hearing my rock gods bend words,

and vocal melodies.

Past the heights of teenagerdom.

With guitar riffs that only Eddy Van Halen musically characterized.

My record covers are fading.

Like our retro youth.

Their music will live on like just like an  “American Pie.”

© Mary Anne Abdo

Friday Photos

Our local river corridor association sponsored their 3rd annual Shiver on the River. To raise funds and awareness as to how important the Lackawanna River is a vital ecosystem in our area. Believe me, it was cold last Saturday. But I couldn’t help it to at least stop by in support of those brave souls who shivered on the river.

Strength in Kayaking Numbers (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Ecosystem Splender(c) Mary Anne Abdo
Vikings on the Lackawanna (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Santa and Friends (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Patriotism on the River (c) Mary Anne Abdo
The Stream That Forks (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Conversations Underneath the Bridge (c) Mary Anne Abdo
The Colors of Winter (c) Mary Anne Abdo


Since starting my Blue Stained Glass Word Press site seven months ago, God has lead me to extraordinary mentors and artists from all over the world. Taking chances and leading with my heart to go from one step to the next in this writing journey. One such person is Samantha Cabrera, the founder and editor of Calla Press. I took a chance and submitted some poems for their upcoming Spring 2023 edition. Upon receiving an email of acceptance by Samantha, I was so beyond grateful for the acknowledgment of my work with another publisher. Two of the poems will be featured on their online edition and one poem for the print edition will be for sale on April 15th. Please support Calla Press since it is mostly written for women by women that honors the sacredness of God in our everyday lives.

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