Last Phone Call — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Written by Mary Anne Abdo   One call, four lines. “Dad, can you hear us?” “Mom is outside of your bedroom window. She wants to say, ‘ Hello!” Hearing his wife banging on the window, “Marty can you hear me?” Only an inaudible acknowledgement rang over the receiver. Statements of love mixed with cracked…

Last Phone Call — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Thank you to Edge of Humanity Magazine for publishing this poem. It is a poem about my dad who passed away in May 2019 as Covid was raging across the world. This was our last good-bye phone call and many thanks to his social worker who set the call up. She also let our mom see our dad through his nursing home window. We are not the only family during these times who could not see their loved one in the nursing home or have a proper funeral. Many thanks to the medical personal who risked it all for their patients and residents.

Supporting Cast Members

Nothing says beauty like a flower.

Flowers take center stage with all their glorious colors.

Receiving numerous curtain calls with effortless adulation.

Descriptive reviews that splash in between magazine covers.

Yet, never a mention of their supporting cast.

Green leaves and stems may seem dull and boring to some.

But how do flowers gracefully stand up in a vase?

Without the supporting cast they would be drowning.

Van Gough’s “Sunflowers,” would be flat on the table.

Leaves and stems are beautiful in their own right.

Their shapes and textures become enhanced after the kiss of rain.

The many shades of green are certainly no understudy to the flower.

For the stems and leaves play a pivotal role in supporting every bloom.

So bravo to green stems and green leaves!!

You have certainly earned your place on, ” The Great White Way.”

Holly Leaves
Sunflower Leaves
Butterfly Bush Leaves
Rose Leaves
Greenish Mint Leaves
Geranium Leaves
Spirea Leaves
Greenish Walnuts Sheltered by Leaves
Thornless Blackberry Leaves
Greenish Morning Glory Leaves

Bharata — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Written by Mary Anne Abdo   I once knew a girl from the land of unity in diversity. She told me stories of her beautiful country. How the rich colors of the earth melded together into a silk tapestry Where gold was pure as the hearts of her people. She told me of Sunday…

Bharata — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Thank you to Edge of Humanity Magazine for publishing my poem which is a very personal one for me. It is based on my friend and former co-worker. She told me stories about India, her family and her efforts as a social worker while living in her homeland. I am grateful to you Vinetta for showing more of what this beautiful world has to offer us.

Friday Photos

Open Door Policy Moment by Mary Anne Abdo
Where the Wild Things Are Moment by Mary Anne Abdo
Zen Moments by Mary Anne Abdo
Americana Moments by Mary Anne Abdo
Presidential Coffee Moment by Mary Anne Abdo
Memorabilia Moments by Mary Anne Abdo
JFK Moment by Mary Anne Abdo
Money Book Moments by Mary Anne Abdo
Paddle Fan Moments by Mary Anne Abdo
Turtle Time Moments by Mary Anne Abdo

Frost Moments by Mary Anne Abdo

Stopping by this week to one of my favorite places to obtain coffee and serenity. The Blackwatch Cafe is located in Nay Aug Park across from the Greenhouse Project on Arthur Avenue in Scranton. They offer a wide variety of coffees, tea and sandwich creations. This week I chose from their menu a divine toasted Goude cheese sandwich with soy bacon bits mixed with a sweet fig jam. Topped off with grilled red onions. All of this yummy goodness was double blanketed with rosemary seasoned toast.

Besides the amazing menu is stunning architecture and eclectic memorabilia. Dining indoors takes you back down Americana memory lane. You can choose to eat outdoors on their patio or any part of Nay Aug Park. My favorite is any table nearest the Zen frog fountain. So if you in are in the lower Hill Section of Scranton visit the Blackwatch Cafe.

Cotton Ball Dreams II

Dream clouds avoiding the tangled wires of life.

Cotton ball clouds forming all around me chasing universal starlight.

Silver lining clouds transforming the moon with illuminating shimmer.

White star pole eagles soaring up to the heavens.

Interpreting purple through my third eye.

Cotton Ball Dreams

Dream clouds avoiding the tangled wires of life. Cotton ball clouds forming in my mind chasing universal starlight. Silver lining clouds transforming the moon with illuminating shimmer. Interpreting purple through my third eye.

First posting is with still photos. The second post is video. Enjoy

Longwood Gardens Photographic Review

There are several beautiful architectural marvels in the state of Pennsylvania that defies our optical senses. One of these gems is Longwood Gardens located in Kennett Square outside of Philadelphia. Just the sight of this sprawling estate takes your breath away as you enter the parking areas. Once owned by Pierre S. Du Pont, whose family immigrated from France. Then settled in the Brandywine section of Pennsylvania during the Colonial era. The family made their fortune through explosive powders and textiles industries. Finally becoming a global leader in the chemical industry. The property is now protected through an endowment granted by the DuPont family.

Since my sister Margaret lives in Philadelphia we enjoy going to Longwood Gardens. Please enjoy my review of Longwood Gardens through the eyes of the camera lense. You may check out the garden’s website for more information.

Water Suspended in Time
Forever Pink
Tropical Beauty
Dancing Waters
Shades of Paris
Lilly Wonderment
Nature’s Glass Beads
Mirrored Sculptural Fantasy
Water Art Movement
Water Spectacle
Rome Envisioned

Friday Photos


Walkways Waiting for Aunt Margaret by Mary Anne Abdo
New Beginnings by Mary Anne Abdo
Smoke Stack and Steel by Mary Anne Abdo
An Entry Way in Progress by Mary Anne Abdo
Faces in Broken Glass by Mary Anne Abdo
Overgrown by Mary Anne Abdo
Overgrowth by Mary Anne Abdo
Modern Progression by Mary Anne Abdo
Happiness in Time by Mary Anne Abdo

Lace Reminiscing by Mary Anne Abdo
Pumphouse Framing by Mary Anne Abdo
Rust Scrolls by Mary Anne Abdo
Talking Windows by Mary Anne Abdo
Architectural Cracks Meeting the Summer Skye by Mary Anne Abdo
Lace Worker’s Lunchtime Tree by Mary Anne Abdo

Scranton Lace

All good things come to an end only to find a new beginning.

From the beauty of the lace makers to the hands of the clock makers.

Time is what you make of it.

The mill on Mylert Avenue is now silent.

For the past memories fill the air with the sounds English looms.

Hard working immigrants putting their hearts and souls into the Nottingham lace.

Known the world over, past down to their sons and daughters

Sadly cheapness has replaced true craftsmanship.

As the last door was closed those remaining reminisced of days gone by.

For the clock tower will keep watch while the captains of industry turn their heads without a care.

I wrote this poem on the last day the Scranton Lace Company closed their doors in 2002. It was a place the employed many of my family members after leaving their beloved Irish land. Not only the Irish but every immigrant who landed in New York City and then on to Scranton. I passed by this lace mill everyday going to work. Today I could not simply just pass by. I needed to stop and capture the progress of the reconstruction of this beautiful landmark. It is certainly a diamond being given new life. So with that a new poem will be written soon. But for now enjoy the photos.

Loom Worker’s Windows
A Beauty Rising from Ruin by Mary Anne Abdo
Our Ancestral Working Floor Boards by Mary Anne Abdo

Reconstruction in the Making by Mary Anne Abdo
Long Ago Fires by Mary Anne Abdo
Steel Artworks by Mary Anne Abdo
Memories of Scranton by Mary Anne Abdo
Reaching for the Sky by Mary Anne Abdo

Description of PostModern Mini

It all started out with a description for the classic short skirt; the mini.

Now mini is accompanied with all sorts of commercialzed and modernized categories.

Mini waffles, such a nice bite- sized breakfast.

Mini burgers called sliders.

Mini Cooper which is a British made car built for everyone.

A mini millisecond of your time.

Mini vacation, a three to four day holiday.

Mini or tiny house movement. 

An advocation for “living with less.”

Mini chocolate chip cookies.

Just one bag will equal one large chocolate chip cookie.

There is a mini me.

A tiny carbon copy of a me only smaller.

Like my daughter when she was a child.

Mini bar, I guess for single serving sized bottles of booze.

Mini quiz.

Three multiple-choice question, ten seconds, five points. Go!!

Mini television series.

A concept that started in the 1970’s with a six-week run.

“Rich Man, Poor Man” comes to mind.

But now a miniseries is watched on my I Pad.

I guess that counts as mini!?

My favorite one of all is Minnie Mouse minus the nie.

But all the categories’ medium is the least used.

We love our super sized.

We love our large sized.

We love our mini sized.

But for now I will have medium seltzer water with high-fructose corn syrup.

Can I have a medium bag of wedged fried potatoes to go with the order?

Thank you and keep the change.

The Journeys We Plan and the Journeys We Make

We plan out the best days to journey throughout our lives.

Some journeys are planned with months of preparation.

Time, money and the perfect destination.

Soaking up all this world has to offer.

White sand beaches…

Mountains of no return…

Lush green forests…

Deserts painted against the sky…

Cliffs of white chalk…

The journeys we make are those with no expectations.

Journeys within the heart to trek upon this world and not needing a dime.

Finding new places in unexpected realms of our own back yards.

Meditation by the river…

Walking amongst the butterfly parade…

Sitting high on top of your world…

Watching trees form intricate branch lace patterns…

Deers gracefully walking with their fawns…

We have a choice a planned pace or just letting the journey take you away.

Entering Bliss
Leaving the Journey
Volcanic Scape
Meditative Ripples
Lackawanna River Bend
Pondering Stones
Willow Lace Magic

Hello from The Avocet – The Weekly Avocet, every weekend – #507


  • Dear Nature-loving Avocet poets and readers: 

         Hello, we pray you are well and enjoying this wonderful time of year. 
         Please open the above attachment to read the work of our Avocet poets.     Mary Anne Abdo – Scranton, PA – – sent us a poem and four photos to enjoy.  

  •                                   Soul Light 
     Evening twilight is falling. Finding myself releasing from the twisted trees of the day. The drudgery of missed opportunity and run-away schedules. Fall away into slumber. My mind beacons to dream of beautiful sceneries. To scribe into prose by sunrise. This burning mysticism of my soul’s true light. A reflection of an eternal flame. Lying deep within the waters of my heart. Running through the grove of trees. With the words of my heroes that continue to call. Further into the portal of their creative minds. Drink in the light of our knowledge. To be repeated again. Hearing the morning doves cooing. Slowly returning from the abyss of pure happiness. Step by step… Word by word… Reaching over my bedside table. The writing process sets about onto the lined page.  Mary Anne Abdo – Scranton, PA –

Thank you to Charles and the Avocet online Magazine for publishing my poetry and photos. Please check out the Avocet Magazine on read all of the beautiful nature poetry. Also a big thank you from Sadje for the original photo prompt idea. You can check out her word press blog, Keep it Alive.