Sitting here in a daze.

A haze permeated the office.

Figure out this human maze.

Waxy glaze that shines tiles.

Crazy floors just meld together.

© Mary Anne Abdo

Reviews and Reputations

Nothing makes me happy than visiting my family in Ireland. It is a way of life that is so different than the America treadmill of getting your life done yesterday.  It has become a tradition before leaving our fair isle to stay at Park House B and B near Bunratty Castle. Which is in County Clare and about a twenty-minute drive to Shannon Airport.  Such a lovely family that owns the Park House, their breakfast is fabulous and our conversations  lively. 

One afternoon while driving back from the seeing the Cliffs of Mohr, we decided to stop by Durty Nellie’s Pub and Restaurant near Bunratty Castle. Talk about a fine establishment that is over four hundred years old and steeped in Irish folklore.  Our waitress Fiona was wonderful and did a fine job of making us feel right at home. My parents and I ordered the Shepard’s pie, which was excellent.

All of sudden a rowdy bunch of men came storming through our section of the restaurant. Demanding a round of drinks and wondering why no Penn State football was on the television.  Mind you in another country there will be no American college football game, especially a Pennsylvania team.  Never in my life or my parent’s lives were we every so mortified to be Americans that afternoon. Ordering our waitress around like she was their personal maidservant.

We kept apologizing to her and explaining that not all Americans act like this.  My dad almost went over to the rowdy bunch. But thank God, dad listened to mom and I, since no one can reason with a bunch of drunken fools. We finished our meal and thanked Fiona for her kindness. I believe that day was the biggest tip we ever gave to a waitress. Not only for her wonderful service, but also to let Fiona know there are good people in this world.

The moral of the story, when visiting another country respect and learn from their culture. Especially respect your waiter or waitress for they will pass the stories of your reputation on to others.

Friday Photos

Covenant Presbyterian Church (c) Mary Anne Abdo
The Beacon on Madison Avenue (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Summer’s Last Evening (c) MaryAnne Abdo
Walkway to Hope (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Approaching the Steps of Autumn (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Reflections of Blue (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Tree of Life(c) Mary Anne Abdo
Heavenly Clouds(c) Mary Anne Abdo
One of Scranton’s Architectural Gems (c) Mary Anne Abdo
The Center Of Release (c) Mary Anne Abdo
The Light of Gratitude (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Light of Rememberance (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Labyrinth Walk(c) Mary Anne Abdo
Celestial City (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Love and Acceptance (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Banners of the Covenant (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Candles of Reflection (c) Mary Anne Abdo

I was blessed to attend an Autumnal Labyrinth walk on Thursday evening. The experience is still settling in my soul. Solvitur Ambulando which is Latin for, “It is solved by walking.” This phase is attributed to Saint Augustine’s simple way to solve a problem. I have lost this way of simple meditation for awhile. But tonight’s experience has changed me.

Lilies of the Valley

Angels are illuminated spiritual beings.

Helping us to see different paths.

The vales we do not fathom.

My affinity for angels started before kindergarten.

Spiral colors and balls of light would appear before me.

Dreams in the night.

Flying with my beautiful guardian friend.

My mother in- law Joan had the same gift.

Knowing when her deceased father was near.

Smells of cherry tobacco filled the air for no reason.

Mom is gone these past six years and so incredibly missed.

Her Lilies of the Valley perfume waft though our home from time to time.

Reminding us, that she is still watching over her family.

Being that glimmer of hope from one vale to the next.

Giving us a sense of loving comfort that angels really do exist. (C) Mary Anne Abdo

Ever the Guiding Angel

 Your LifeYour Dash — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Written by Mary Anne Abdo    Birth. Mom and dad reminiscing of a childhood now faded into the past. The tales and stories will be retold as a gift. Never to be wrapped up only to be shared. How do you write the history of your life? Walking across that stage of the unknown.…

 Your LifeYour Dash — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Thank you to the Edge of Humanity Magazine for publishing this poem. Please check out their website and enjoy the creativity of their contributors.

Farm Magic

Crows cawing warning of  summer’s end.

Harvest time of the spring seedlings has begun.

The magic of fully-grown colorful vegetables picked ripe to perfection.

All that tender loving care is now on roadside stands.

Anticipation has begun for the canning and baking season.

Hayfields spun into large golden spools.

There is something in the air as a cool crispness blankets the land.

Smells of freshly tilled earth made ready for late fall’s unfriendly bite.

The music of geese honking is accompanied by the far off sounds of tracker engines.

Quilts hanging on the line mimicking the colors of autumn.                                         

Farmers coming back from the fields sooner as twilight approaches.

Stars and galaxies starting to linger much longer. (C) Mary Anne Abdo

8:46 am

We have never recovered as a nation from the fateful Tuesday. Memories of this event we would rather erase from our minds. But we can’t every forget the lives lost, the lives destroyed, the lives that sacrificed it all and the lives turned upside down. Tributes paid for these past twenty-one years of funerals, dedications and names being read. So on this fateful day I don’t have much to say as tears are still flowing for the lives of September 11th.                                   

Glancing over Life

Giving you a glimpse of my heart strings for they are the constant music playing within my soul.

Our son Shaun. He has the entrepreneurial spirit who started a food distribution route four years ago. Always ready to help anyone and loves adventure. He is a kindhearted soul.
Our daughter Amanda. She a very creative and caring person. A painter, a writer and a photographer in her spare time, while working with individuals who have special needs.
My parents Mary and Marty. We are blessed to have our mom celebrate her 90th birthday in April. She is the social butterfly of the family. Still asking how our day went and telling us how much she loves us. Dad passed away in 2019. He taught us so many valuable lessons on the importance of putting in a hard days work reaps so many rewards. I can still hear his voice in my head to follow my dreams.
My husband’s parents Joe and Joan. Dad was such a comedian and loved to tell stories. Mom was a beautiful artist and a great teacher. She made time for everyone. They were the rocks of the Abdo family and the inspirations for our neighborhood memorial garden.
My sister in law Bev, with our niece Alyssa with her daughter Ella and my brother Martin. Bev is the best sister in-law who is very creative. My niece Alyssa is a wonderful mother and wife. Alyssa and her husband Jay are expecting their second child in October. Our Ella has started pre-school this week. I do not have photos of our niece Carolyn who will be graduating from college next year. She has this beautiful smile and so full of joy. Our nephew Nick will be getting married in January. My brother Martin can relay stories of how we would slide down the coal hills of Scranton in cardboard boxes as children. He has a quick wit and is a loving family man.
Our son Bob,our daughter Becca holding our granddaughter Nevaeh ,my husband Tom and myself. Celebrating Bob’s high school graduation. Our son has a bright future ahead of him in the culinary arts. He is a kind and loving person. Our daughter Becca is a wonderful mother, has a beautiful voice and she makes us very proud. My husband is my rock and is my everything. The love of my life who supports me in every way.
My sister Maureen, my mom, my sister Margaret and with me in the background. The Zelsnack sisters are thicker than thieves. We have so many adventures together. Maureen will be retiring in less than 3 weeks from the army as a Sargent Major. She has served our country with dedication and honor. Margaret is an editor and writer for a Philadelphia pharmaceutical company. Her love of travel and film has inspired her in so many ways.
My grandpa and my grandma at my 8th grade graduation. My grandparents were our family’s keepers of history and instilled in us the love of learning. My grandfather was a book maker and enjoyed his life to the fullest. My grandmother taught us that God and family is first. Your country next and then your job. They are both missed in so many ways.

This is a peek into my life. Our family is an immigrants tale of leaving the shores of Ireland, England, Germany, Croatia, France, Holland and Lebanon. We have melded into the American landscape and have rooted ourselves in Northeast Pennsylvania. Contributing in our own small ways to the history of this community. For me these stories of courage to set off to parts unknown is the woven fabric that I have been passing along to our children. Some day our granddaughter will the next in line to tell these tales. How do you tell your story?

The Woman Who Planted Trees

Photograph taken at Winterthur Museum during the Crown exhibition in 2017.

I am the woman who planted a tree for the jubilee.

While on holiday at Balmoral Castle my son and I were delighted to place the Copper Beech into the soil.

Their deep purple leaves will make quite an impression as time passes.

My passion has always been trees, plants and flowers.

I was the princess who climbed up the African tree house and walked out the next morning as your queen.

Digging in the soil I am more of a country girl at heart than a monarch.

I have planted trees my entire rein.

In memory or in honor of the millions of people that I so dearly love.

I am the woman who planted trees to give others a sense of comfort.

Something to look up and wonder reaching to the skies above.

I am the woman who planted trees for all to enjoy their bountiful fruits.

I am the woman who planted trees that must leave you for now.

For I see every tree that we all planted is making our world so beautiful.

Giving you a sign that all is well with God’s double rainbow.

I am the woman who planted trees and I humbly enjoyed every moment of this life.

Godspeed until we meet again.

I had other plans for the weekly prompt to which I will still complete at another time. But in light of the passing of Queen Elizabeth this afternoon . This dedication poem is my way of sending out condolences to her family and the British people around the world.

My country needs your help

As you might have read or heard on news that my country Pakistan has been hit by the worse flood in our nation’s history. More than 30 million people have be rendered homeless. They are in dire need of food, shelter and medications. People have asked about donations so I’m posting a few links to […]

My country needs your help

Please help out the people of Pakistan. Just follow the link to my fellow blogger Sadje’s site. Thank you in advance