A Sense of Belonging

Saturday night, my husband and I went to meet friends on a warm winter’s evening. Go figure, standing outside, not freezing in a line to see our favorite band. It was nice to see old friends and dancing to the wee hours of 11pm. Our favorite band ,Picture Perfect plays all season long. From summer picnics, weddings, and local bars.

The band gives everyone a sense of belonging and reminiscing of those bygones days. Picture Perfect also gives back to our local community with their fundraising efforts for various causes. So come on and dance with me. Enjoy the photos.

The Sights Of Scranton (c) Mary Anne Abdo
A Warm Winter’s Evening (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Window Gazing (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Harry’s Crowd (c) Mary Anne Abdo
A Perfect Picture (c) Mary Anne Abdo
Only the Beginning (c) Mary Anne Abdo


  1. SueW says:

    Now that looks like a good night out! Thank you for joining us, Mary Anne.

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    1. Last Saturday night, it was 55 degrees out. This morning, it is -5 degrees. We had a great time, much needed to get rid of cabin fever.

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      1. SueW says:

        Thanfully, our weather here is a milder than yours, a little grey but not cold today.

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