Wooder_Ice has Struck Again

It is another scene in the Philadelphia movie genre.

A pre-screening that Jeff, Bradley and the rest of the fans anticipate.

Texting between the sisters three.

One sister flew into the Eagle’s stand.

Landing in that southerly Pattison street destination.

Sending songs and shouts in the stadium, thanks to her trusty Apple in hand.

While the other two cheered on from the technology sidelines.

Touch down after touch down.

Roar after mighty roar.

Rocking the streets and filtering out past Lincoln’s park.

As only the Eagles know how to soar over that goalpost.

           Fly Eagles


           High above the sight of William Penn.

The green and white will overcome greasy poles once again.

Dancing and fireworks will commence on the South of Broad.

Mr. Wooder_Ice you have done it again.

You alone have captured the hearts of Brotherly Love.

On you Instagram page.

In every spectrum of those rich cultural colors and celebrations.

So onward Eagles as you fill those cardinal red skies of Arizona.

Lead us on to victory!!!

© Mary Anne Abdo

I wrote this last night after the football game, where the Philadelphia Eagles won over the San Francisco 49ers. My sister Margaret was at the game, while my sister Maureen and I were texting during the game. The cameraman caught a shot of Bradley Cooper sitting with the Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie. Wooder_Ice (Philadelphia slang for water with ice) is a Philly promoter’s Instagram handle.


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  1. yassy says:

    A great post , Mary. A very enjoyable read.


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