The Last Bifocal Hold Out

Not wanting to hear her eyes were out of focus.

Not admitting that getting older means bifocals.

Not really reading the words clearly, especially the fine print.

Not listening to her mom that you need to take care.

Not really squinting at that computer screen.

Not hearing her siblings stating it is not so bad.

Only bragging of being the last child with no bifocals for me.

Until the optometrist stated you have no choice.

You are out of focus.

You must take care.

You must read the fine print.

Now she reads from a better view.

Now she sees what used to be a blurry view.

Now she no longer needs her contacts with cheater glasses.

Now she brags of being the last bifocal holdout that can clearly focus.

© Mary Anne Abdo



  1. Sadje says:

    Nice one. When glasses are necessary, they make a great difference in vision

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    1. Absolutely Sadje. My three siblings have their bifocals for about 5 years. Of course I held out because of a bad experience my friend had getting used to them. Fortunately I had an easy adjustment to them.

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      1. Sadje says:

        That’s cool. I never could adjust to either bifocals or verifocals. I opt for two pair. One for reading and the second for watching

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  2. SueW says:

    I know exactly what you mean! Thank you, Mary Anne.

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