Glancing over Life

Giving you a glimpse of my heart strings for they are the constant music playing within my soul.

Our son Shaun. He has the entrepreneurial spirit who started a food distribution route four years ago. Always ready to help anyone and loves adventure. He is a kindhearted soul.
Our daughter Amanda. She a very creative and caring person. A painter, a writer and a photographer in her spare time, while working with individuals who have special needs.
My parents Mary and Marty. We are blessed to have our mom celebrate her 90th birthday in April. She is the social butterfly of the family. Still asking how our day went and telling us how much she loves us. Dad passed away in 2019. He taught us so many valuable lessons on the importance of putting in a hard days work reaps so many rewards. I can still hear his voice in my head to follow my dreams.
My husband’s parents Joe and Joan. Dad was such a comedian and loved to tell stories. Mom was a beautiful artist and a great teacher. She made time for everyone. They were the rocks of the Abdo family and the inspirations for our neighborhood memorial garden.
My sister in law Bev, with our niece Alyssa with her daughter Ella and my brother Martin. Bev is the best sister in-law who is very creative. My niece Alyssa is a wonderful mother and wife. Alyssa and her husband Jay are expecting their second child in October. Our Ella has started pre-school this week. I do not have photos of our niece Carolyn who will be graduating from college next year. She has this beautiful smile and so full of joy. Our nephew Nick will be getting married in January. My brother Martin can relay stories of how we would slide down the coal hills of Scranton in cardboard boxes as children. He has a quick wit and is a loving family man.
Our son Bob,our daughter Becca holding our granddaughter Nevaeh ,my husband Tom and myself. Celebrating Bob’s high school graduation. Our son has a bright future ahead of him in the culinary arts. He is a kind and loving person. Our daughter Becca is a wonderful mother, has a beautiful voice and she makes us very proud. My husband is my rock and is my everything. The love of my life who supports me in every way.
My sister Maureen, my mom, my sister Margaret and with me in the background. The Zelsnack sisters are thicker than thieves. We have so many adventures together. Maureen will be retiring in less than 3 weeks from the army as a Sargent Major. She has served our country with dedication and honor. Margaret is an editor and writer for a Philadelphia pharmaceutical company. Her love of travel and film has inspired her in so many ways.
My grandpa and my grandma at my 8th grade graduation. My grandparents were our family’s keepers of history and instilled in us the love of learning. My grandfather was a book maker and enjoyed his life to the fullest. My grandmother taught us that God and family is first. Your country next and then your job. They are both missed in so many ways.

This is a peek into my life. Our family is an immigrants tale of leaving the shores of Ireland, England, Germany, Croatia, France, Holland and Lebanon. We have melded into the American landscape and have rooted ourselves in Northeast Pennsylvania. Contributing in our own small ways to the history of this community. For me these stories of courage to set off to parts unknown is the woven fabric that I have been passing along to our children. Some day our granddaughter will the next in line to tell these tales. How do you tell your story?


  1. SueW says:

    Oh, Mary Anne, thank you so much for giving us a peek into your lovely family. What a surprise to see so many family photographs. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Your welcome. I enjoyed putting together the photos and the descriptions of each family member.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SueW says:

        I’m glad you did.

        Liked by 1 person

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