Backyard Fair Grounds

Backyard Fair Grounds

Aye, the dawn of a summer morning has risen and the sounds of tweeting birds are patiently waiting for their spot on our bird feeder. Squirrels and a menagerie of other animals are very well fed on Euclid Ave. Our backyard has become a fairground delight all year long much to the happiness of our furry friends.

They have me trained, as my husband would say. When the bird and suet feeders are empty, our feathered fair goers have an ingenious way of saying, “feed me.”  The birds line up along our front stockade fence singing their songs of whoa to exclaim fill it up lady. While tweeting to each other the lack of service at the food stand. Even the squirrels get into the act; one squirrel will get on one side of the bird feeder another squirrel on the other side. Twisting and swinging the bird feeder around and around until they unscrew the top latch off. Making the lower part of the bird feeder fall to the ground as seeds spill out consuming the ultimate prize.

Now that is a fair ground ride with many benefits. Let’s not forget Mr. Ground Hog along with his chipmunk friends getting into the act of diving right into the seed pile. Talk about a full spectrum of free entertainment for the whole family. Right here in our back yard, so stop by and sit a spell.  Don’t forget you can feed the animals at this fair ground.


  1. SueW says:

    Brilliant, Mary Anne.
    I had to stop feeding seeds to the birds because the squirrels tipped up the feeders up and the seeds spilled onto the ground, this encouraged the rats. So, I switched to peanuts instead. The peanuts do not fall to the ground in the same way as seeds. Much more expensive though, at least they are in the UK.

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    1. The squirrels did that once until my husband fixed the top part of the bird feeder. Now they have no way of doing that stunt again. I thought I was seeing things when they pulled that trick. Peanut suet is much cheaper anymore than bird seed anymore. So I throw out left over bread lately.


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