Love Momentarily Stopped Death Today

Working in a hospital illness is all around, even the lunchtime conversations are sometimes filled with descriptions of disease.  Covering five floors I meet all types of people including other co-workers.  The single word that comes to mind is WHY.

Why I am here?  Why can’t I get better? Why can’t I leave?  Why do I have to suffer? Why is my loved one dying?  The last question is the hardest to be asked by anyone who has a loved one in a hospital bed. It is truly heartbreaking to watch someone you love slowly fade away into death’s arms. Because suffering is a part of the last unknown in this life.

When going from floor to floor hearing these questions and since I am not a qualified medical professional. What I will give the patient or family member is a genuine sympathetic ear. Reassuring them I will speak my case manager. To have her stop by the patient’s room and talk with them. Leaving the room I say a short prayer.  This is something I have done all my life after speaking to anybody who is in distress.

Today was the usual busy day and was looking forward to lunch. My co-workers and I sat at the usual table in the back by the gift shop.

Talking about our day and the activities after work. All of sudden the cafeteria was a buzz concerning a wedding that will be taking place at 3pm in the chapel. A wedding in the hospital.  We thought we were hearing just a silly joke. Until our nursing director Matt said, “Yes ladies there will be a wedding today at 3pm in the chapel. The daughter of one our hospice patients came to  see me yesterday. To ask permission to use the chapel so she and her fiancé can get married before anything happens to her dad. The family has invited the entire hospital staff to attend.”

No sooner than we thanked Matt for the invitation. Members of the cafeteria staff were rolling carts filled with beautiful white flowers, food and a white wedding cake. We were amazed how quickly everything was coming together. Just like life it quickly gets away from us.  Even though I couldn’t attend since our department’s case load doesn’t give us the opportunity to breathe.

The stroke of 4:30 pm chimed to clock out and I was passing by the chapel it was filled with an air of beauty. A family mixed with hospital staff celebrating a marriage.  Thinking to myself despite all of the uncertainty of our lives. Love momentarily stopped death. No matter what we are going through in the end it is all about love…


  1. ‘Love momentarily stopped death…’ Wow!


    1. Update to this story. The hospice patient passed away this morning very peaceful. God bless him he was able to walk his daughter down the chapel aisle on Tuesday.


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