Joe’s Cycling Legacy

It is high picnic season in Northeast Pennsylvania the smells of sugary pizza fritta and potato pancakes are wafting through the air. The allure of basket raffles, children’s games and other assorted games of chance have people lining up to support many local charities. The highlight of the summer season is the Go Joe charity bike ride, picnic and telethon that raises money to benefit St Joseph’s Center in Scranton PA. St. Joseph’s Center has been in our community for one hundred and thirty-four years serving the needs of those with developmental disabilities.

For the past twenty-five years our local meteorologist Joe Snedeker has cycled many miles through the highways and by -ways of many northeast states. But for the past several years he has cycled through Northeast and Central Pennsylvania with his last the stop at St. Joseph’s Center.  All of this started for Joe as a way to give back to the community during his summer breaks while he was also teaching science.  It just grew from a simple act of kindness to now receiving corporate sponsorship from many local businesses.

It is truly amazing the support Joe receives along his cycling route through the cities, towns and boroughs. The cheers, smiles and of course some of Joe’s wacky humor makes watching his daily broadcast a delight. Even during the pandemic Joe rode a stationery bike in the back yard of the WNEP 16 news station.  “It is always about the residents of St. Joe’s center, they are the reason why I have been doing this charity bike ride,” Joe said during a recent interview.  Through his efforts the center provides state of art therapies, education, adaptive equipment and so much more.

This year’s bike ride and telethon raised one million dollars that is truly remarkable. We are so blessed to have people like Joe and those who work on behalf of these special angels.  It just goes to show a simple idea of cycling for a worthy cause can impact so many lives. If you would like to check out the highlights of this year’s Go-Joe 25 head over to and click on the link for Go Joe.


  1. SueW says:

    What a wonderful achievement. Thank you Mary Anne

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