Gas Station Lily

Beauty left unnoticed between Main and Providence.

A lily grows amongst the soot and grime of Bull’s Head gas station island.

Cab drivers honking their horns so loudly…

It screams the impatience of our modern society.

As motorists race by to get to their next destination.

They only see a mundane traffic light and the price of gas.

Customers running in and of the convenient store for cigarettes.

Power ball tickets in hand with dreams of winning big.

Not looking up to see nature’s glory blooming straight ahead.

Walkers, joggers and bicyclists coursing by…

Not a word or a gasp to recognize this miracle.

How could you miss this wondrous star lily?

Her colors ablaze with every shade of pink set off by white.

Boldly presenting herself in the center of our lives.

To admire and proclaim that life is so sublime despite the gravel.



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