I Am Me

We want your vote; the number and the polls count to get your candidate in office.

But I am more than a Democrat or a Republican, Conservative or Liberal.

I am more than just a number.

I am a person with thoughts, hopes, feelings and dreams.

I am me with a conscience on how I feel about what is right and what is wrong.

I will not judge, be critical or insult for any agenda.

I will state my facts in the most humanly way possible. 

An honest measure to the best of my abilities and expect nothing more but respect.

Extreme words and extreme actions when directed at each other are like arrows.

It only defeats the real purpose of our human existence.

Our real purpose is to strive for loving human interactions that has been bestowed on us by our creator.

What hurts us yes hurts him in a way the profundity of these feelings.

Words could never express.

So as we reflect on what these past eighteen months have done to our country.

Are we more divided then ever?

Is all this extreme bickering worth the loss of civility?

Why can we not learn from one other without fear of judgment or ridicule?

At least if we learn something from each other’s culture or viewpoint.

Even if we do not agree with it.

Be human enough to respect it.

I am me.

Do I dare to share that with you?

Thank you to GC and Sue for this week’s prompt


  1. SueW says:

    Thank you, Mary Anne for your thoughtful piece. It could so easily have been written over here too.


    1. Back in May we had our primary election for the senate. Within one week after it was over the campaign commercials started again for the November vote. It gets to be too much.
      I am glad you enjoyed the piece.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SueW says:

        It’s overload in the extreme. 🙂


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