Christmas Baking Season

This morning I pulled out my tried and true recipe books to select which cookies will be baked for Christmas. Between baking and decorating our home for Christmas. It will certainly be a busy weekend. Some of these cookbooks have ugly stains on them. But I will never throw these kitchen artifacts in the trash. For they contain some of my grandmother’s recipes in her handwriting. She passed away in December of 2007 at the age of 97. She was our family’s matriarch, story teller and a mentor to everyone she met. I miss her terribly especially around this time of the year. Sometimes ugliness conjures up beautiful lasting memories to carry on to the next generation. Happy baking to one and all.

Holiday Recipe Mess
Grandma ‘s Writing
The Aftermath of Cats Snooping Around

Friday Photos

Thanksgiving Eve Anticipation
The Scranton Times Tower Lighting
Spectacular Blue on Biden Street
Patriotic Red
Smokey Red Sky
Ushering In Christmas
Grand Finale

The lighting of the Scranton Times Tower is a Thanksgiving Eve tradition in Scranton. It is our way to usher in the Christmas season. Full of family fun with hot chocolate, free trinkets for everyone, Christmas concert and so much more. Moments after the tower is lite up the fireworks begin

Thanksgiving Containers

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and it is a day that we have so much to be thankful for. I always take a mini vacation to prepare some food items ahead of time. Yesterday was pie day, it is an 6am start. So much of unwrapping packaged containers of spices, cherries,blue berries and other assorted items for pie day. It sure is a lot of work, but it is all about the love of our family and friends.

I will be with WordPress five months as of tomorrow and I can truly it is a wonderful experience. I am so grateful for the new friends that I met across the globe. Everyone is a very supportive and we encourage each other through our creative endeavors. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

A Blueberry Pie in the Making
Cinnamon Bun Apple Pie
Containers of Cranberry Sauce and Pies

An Ode to Kitchen Tables

Many kitchen tables have been included as a supporting role in our lives.

Stabilizing our first roll over and crawl space for many a generation.

A kitchen table enables it’s owner to pound dough into eatable masterpieces.

Daily food prep for mealtime and conversations about the day.

Children’s craft projects and homework.

Tooling around and tinkering.

Taking it easy after cleaning up the supper dishes.

Playing board games while Barbie and Ken’s camper is parked on the side.

Figuring in household budgets and shifting over family photographs.

Coffee with family and friends eating sweet treats from the glass bowl.

Crying, laughing and hearing the latest gossip over a glass of wine.

With mom falls asleep on the Scranton Times newspaper around midnight.

Dressing the table in assorted holiday finery from the 1960’s to present time.

Your 1970’s attire comes to mind with harvest gold and avocado green flowers.

Gathering around grandma’s tables to fit sixty people.

To feast upon many a Thanksgiving turkey and several Christmas hams.

Less place settings are needed now when loved ones have passed away

Hoping they are seated at a larger banquet hall table farther than the eye can see.

Relaying stories of their kitchen table lives for one and all.

Waiting for us to rejoin them at the new table of heavenly life.

© Mary Anne Abdo

Two Gun Story

Date: November 8, 2022Author: Edge of Humanity Magazine

Written by Mary Anne Abdo

There are missing pieces in Tunas’ family lore.

Underneath my bed mysteries await in a Phillies perfecto cigar box.

Faint smells of oil and gunpowder.

One American Double Action revolver wrapped in an old

blue kitchen curtain dotted with rust.

Dad hid it well under the porch steps as to not upset Situ or Jido.

Deflecting from Uncle Lou’s misstep of bringing, that

gun inside the big house on Ford’s Acres.

The second revolver is a truly more mysterious than the first.

Wrapped up in a greasy cloth with owls embossed on its side.

Our beloved father found the Oliver and Johnson weapon along the road.

While two suspicious men knocked on cottage doors looking to no end.

For that gun posed a problem, a possible crime near the Paupack

Somewhere into the night they disappeared when cops drove by.

Again dad hid another piece of steel under that porch.

Only to join the other gun in that tan, gold and red cigar box.

As Ford’s Acres was closing up for a long winter’s reprieve.

Dad brought the guns home and tucked them safely away.

Amongst the other treasures of life.

Time passing by and the secrets were somewhat revealed.

Reliving the tale to his youngest son.

Pieces of that long lost story were finally told.

Of how dad escaped many a fate, with two guns under the bed.

Text © Mary Anne Abdo

Thank you to Joelcy and The Edge of Humanity Magazine for publishing my work.

A Bridge Over The East River

Date: November 19, 2022Author: Edge of Humanity Magazine

Written by Mary Anne Abdo

While few people remember my name.

History has recorded my contribution to this engineering marvel.

Being a woman in Victorian society.

Higher education was unacceptable.

A woman’s place was behind her husband.

A twist of fate granted me the grace of a man’s only world entrance.

Having to tend to my husband’s decompression illness.

Finding my way through the curriculum of engineering.

Mastering this educational maze of steel and stone.

I, a woman assumed the task of chief engineer.

Enduring a decades worth of snide contractors.

Inspectors, politicians, reporters sneering in my face.

It was not until that last year my reputation garnered respect.

Did you know I was the first person to cross the Brooklyn Bridge?

In a carriage with my red rooster for good luck!

That feat gained attention to those far and wide.

That all my womanly efforts were so monumental.

I am, Emily Warren Roebling.

I am the woman who saved the Brooklyn Bridge.

Text © Mary Anne Abdo

Thank you Joelcy the editor for The Edge of Humanity Magazine for supporting my work and the work of so many talented contributors.

Friday Photos

Scranton Poets Live
Love Bugs For Sale
Purple Dance Fever
The Eyes Have It
The Stage of Prose
Sign In Destiny

Last night was a first time experience to read my poetry for the Scranton Poets Live audience. The venue was at The Bog, which caters to a very eclectic crowd.Talk about putting yourself out there. I was shocked to receive rousing applause and invited back next month. Another step to advertise my poetry.

The Last Bifocal Hold Out

Not wanting to hear her eyes were out of focus.

Not admitting that getting older means bifocals.

Not really reading the words clearly, especially the fine print.

Not listening to her mom that you need to take care.

Not really squinting at that computer screen.

Not hearing her siblings stating it is not so bad.

Only bragging of being the last child with no bifocals for me.

Until the optometrist stated you have no choice.

You are out of focus.

You must take care.

You must read the fine print.

Now she reads from a better view.

Now she sees what used to be a blurry view.

Now she no longer needs her contacts with cheater glasses.

Now she brags of being the last bifocal holdout that can clearly focus.

© Mary Anne Abdo

Urban Deer Love Euclid Avenue Gardens

These photos were taken in September of our deer family that follows the ancient trails that are now urbanization by a highway. Our neighbor Don wrote about the history of Scranton and the Slocum family who settled this area from England in the early 1700s. The Slocum family owned hundreds of acres of land rich in natural resources. The resources include the Lackawanna River which is two miles from our home. We are blessed to see Blue Herron, Red Tail Hawks, fox, our deer family, and sometimes a wayward bear. So many of these animals are displayed from the west mountains due to mismanaged modernization. The saddest scene I ever witnessed was to see a red tail hawk trying to make a nest for her young in the middle of a strip mall that used to be part of a forest.

My husband jokes around with me that the finest dinning for our animal friends is in our garden. Because we purchase deer corn feed and bird seed from the local farm supply store. Truly this is a joy for our family to see nature at her finest.

Thrifty Clichés

“It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow.” Aesop.

“I better start my Christmas shopping now before they increase the prices on Black Friday” Mary Anne Abdo

“ Penny saved is a Penny earned.” Ben Franklin

“ Due to inflation, a dollar saved is dollar earned.” Mary Anne Abdo

“Thrift, thrift, Horatio! William Shakespeare.

“Bob do you really need that gaming device?  For the love of God save your money!” Mary Anne Abdo

“Let thrift be your ruling habit.” Elbert Hubbard

“Look at this grocery store advertisement, it is their annual canned food sale. Oh my gosh we need to stock up for the winter.”   Mary Anne Abdo

“Good things come to those who thrift.” Ello Lovey

“ See good thing I saved those Ace Hardware coupons, I was able to buy the bird seed for half off the regular purchase price.”  Mary Anne Abdo

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” Warren Buffet

“Thank goodness we put that extra money in our Christmas club each week and now that check will pay for our year end taxes.”  Mary Anne Abdo

It’s smart to be thrifty.” Bernice Fritz-Gibbon

“Look the Hallmark store is going out of business and I bought all these boxes of cards dirt cheap.”  Mary Anne Abdo

“Be thrifty, but not covetous.” George Herbert

“Tom that lawn mower just died out, it doesn’t owe us a dime. Just get rid of it and no you can’t take the parts off of it for a just in case reason.”  Mary Anne Abdo

“ One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Author unknown

“ I love weekend yard saling (slang word for sale).”    Mary Anne Abdo

“See a penny, pick it up; all day long you’ll have good luck.” Irish folklore

“ I dropped a quarter on the office floor to pay it forward for someone to have good luck and it was there on the floor the next day.” Mary Anne Abdo